Monday, February 9

Chapter 4 of 6

My fourth semester at university starts today... and I probably couldn't be any more excited. Last two weeks of my life consisted of nothing but thinking, eating, watching Survivor and thinking and eating some more and the circle needed to be broken. I was sick and depressed and really looking forward to going back to school after the break. I'm also super excited that I will be finally using my super childish diary I bought for 2015.

The plan for this semester was to not sign up for twelve billion classes again, and I failed desperately, but at least I will have tasks to keep me busy. And I can't believe I am halfway done with this school.

Saturday, February 7

Liberec, Jan 4

When my all-time favourite player got kicked off the team he scored 300-something goals for... three hundred and something, yes, that's not a typo... to be honestly, I was handling it very badly. Especially when like a week after this his old team played against Pardubice and a new player on that team had his jersey with his name taped up over the 'old' one. I felt so sick.

However, after a month or so, my favourite player signed a contract in Liberec. Since then, going there  (on January 4) was not a question of ''if'', but a question of ''how''... and my friend and I had even found some people to join us for the car ride. It was our first time going there and we didn't get lost, yayy. (For a hockey game I mean, been to Liberec a couple times before, mostly to the zoo.)


The home barn of Bilí Tygři (Liberec's team) - recently called Home Credit Arena looks awkward from the outside, but it's a nice modern arena, one of the newest ones in the Czech republic. The game turned out as a 5:1 win for the home team. The journey back home was endless, not only because of the result, but also because of a crazy snowstorm that didn't let us go fast. The way back was literally twice as long then the way there, but we made it.

And the rest of this post is in Czech because I'm too lazy to use my brain.

Zápas byl příšerný, od hráčů naprosto vypuštěný, jako již mnoho pardubických zápasů v téhle sezóně. Naštěstí už dost lidí ví, že Jardu Balaštíka (hraje teď za Liberec) mám nejradši, takže nebyl takový problém, když jsem po jeho gólu měla radost. On gól Balaštíka proti Pardubicím je v životě hokeji jediná jistota. Sice nějaký pán vedle mě (jako zatrest musel stát přímo vedle mě!) začal mnohými velmi oblíbené ''Balaštík je p*ča'', ale řekla jsem mu, že on je p*ča a pak odešel a už jsem ho neviděla. O přestávce za mnou chodili lidi, že dá Balaštík hattrick a tak, bylo to moc milé :)

Cestou jsme se seznámili s novými lidmi ze skupiny pardubických fanoušků, bylo zajímavé, jak všichni známe stejné lidi, ale navzájem jsme se nikdy neviděli. Cesta utekla rychle, pořád jsme vyprávěli oblíbené historky a příhody z výjezdů, přestože ke konci už se opakovaly. Pokud vynechám zápas (protože kvůli hokeji se na Pardubice ven jezdit nedá), byl to jeden z těch poklidnějších, ale přesto zábavných výjezdů. A do Liberce chci někdy znova!
(PS: Originálně psáno 6.1.)

Thursday, February 5

Favourites of January 2015

I have just planned a post about our away-game trip to Liberec a month ago and then this idea of monthly favourites came to my mind and man, I need to do this before that. Following my ''old'' concept of monthly favourites...

- nail polish - Rimmel Salon Pro in 306 Velvet Rose - got this for Christmas and I was obsessed
- lipstick - don't really have a favourite for the month
- other beauty product - creams and body lotions, I was really good at moisturising my body this past month
- book - I don't know why I keep this category in here when I can't read
- TV show/film - many of my favourite shows had their season premieres in January, I guess Chasing Life suprised me the most
- food/drink - sweet popcorn, I've been on it for quite some time now
- memory - ugh, so many things happened in January, it's hard to only pick one memory. I will be posting about some of the events (which basically means road trip to away games) sooner or later, so you will get to know them. Beside that, probably my dad's birthday celebration and family reunion. AND of course, doing the #30daysofyoga.

Tuesday, February 3

Survivor season 29

As a huge Survivor fan, I was obviously very excited about this new season of my favourite show. However, long story short, season 29 was dumb. Just to name some of the dumbest moments:

  • Lost flint... in a game of life and death, you lose your source of fire. Applause. Dumb.
  • New bag of rice given... you had a bag to get away with and you didn't. Your problem. Would you go to your boss and tell them you need more money because you're out of it? I HATED THE SHOW FOR GIVING THEM A NEW BAG. Dumb.
  • Natalie (or basically anyone) giving up her reward... why do they even compete in teams when then those who lost go on the reward anyway? Dumb.
  • People volunteering to go to exile island... also, doesn't it screw up the whole concept of the exile island? Dumb.
  • Missy and Baylor. Dumb. I was supporting everyone who was trying to get them out. 

I eventually ended up supporting Natalie in the end, but to be honest, Reed's speech was the best part of the season, which is sad. One of the worst seasons, if not the very worst.

I was very disappointed by season 29, but what disappointed me even more - there won't be any 'all-star' season for season 30. I mean, SEASON THIRTY.... and they don't even come up with something big? The whole idea of collars doesn't get to me at all, maybe it's an American thing? Kinda pissed off by that - not to mention the cast is again a group of mostly twenty-something front page looking people.   Bummed.

Sunday, February 1

January fitness, #30daysofyoga

Yesterday I successfully completed the 30 day yoga ''challenge'' let by lovely (and sometimes a little bit crazy.. in a good way!) Adriene from Yoga with Adriene. I had posted about it before I started, hoping it would help me not give up... and man, the start was tough. During the first two days/videos, I was getting up off the ground to look how far I was in the video literally like every 3 minutes... aka my typical yoga mindset (as I described in the article about me commiting to the challenge) - ''I hope this will be over soon''. 

On day 3, I probably twisted my back too far and my right shoulder blade was pain in the ass (and I'm not even going to censor this, I could barely move my arm)... and suprise suprise, day 4 was named 'Yoga's got your back'... Seriously?! 

However, this was probably the biggest struggle I had following the challenge, besides being discouraged by the lenght some of the videos had.. everything over 30 minutes seemed too long, not the pratice itself, but the feeling before it. Was I going to give up? Hell no. 

I've downloaded a timer app for my phone, so I didn't have to get up to check the video to know how many minutes of practise I had left. And I bought a mat. On day 28 of the challenge, but I still did. And I even woke up early a couple times to get the practise in before leaving on busy days and it felt awesome... doing yoga during sunrise, it doesn't get much better than that.

To be honest, it took me about 20 days to really get into it. After that, I didn't feel grumpy and I was doing the videos because I wanted to, not because I said I would. I was excited to do yoga. Me, the one who never finished a yoga video before without feeling discouraged. And to think that I did all the  30 workouts, circa 677 minutes - more than 11 hours of yoga in January? I'm super proud.

At first, I was not happy about day 30, because it encourages you to do a free-style practise, but it turned out as a lot of fun. As someone who's only following guides maybe I should start putting down my own workouts more often. 

Thank you, Adriene!

The only small little problem in the back of my head is that for most of January, this yoga challenge was the only thing I did workout-wise and I wanted to do much more, but now I've got a whole new month to fill up with workouts. 

Monday, January 26

DM box winter 2015

DM box is a 'beauty/lifestyle' box released every four months by DM (Drogerie Markt) - a German drug store brand. No idea about this in other countries, but here in the Czech republic it works this way: you sign up and 2000 lucky winners are picked to get this box for 149 CZK (less than 5,5€). Unlike in beauty subscription boxes, the products in this box are promised to be at least 700 CZK (>25€).

This 'winter 2015' box was third DM box released in the Czech republic and my first DM box ever. Let's have a look inside.

The box included 10 products... wrapped in a nice blue box that I don't even have anymore because my mum wanted it so bad for her office.

1 - L'Oréal Paris Skin Perfection concentrated serum for perfect skin
2 - Balea Bodybalsam Protect with Nordic cranberry
3 - Dove Advanced Hair Series volumising shampoo for fine, flat hair
4 - Rimmel Skin Perfection Lasting Finish foundation, shade 100 Ivory
5 - Dermacol Aroma Ritual shower gel with Irish coffee aroma
6 - Alverde Eye catcher - mascara
7 - Maxi Vita food supplement with vitamin C, acerola, rosehip and zinc
8 - Wasa thin crisps with rosemary and sea salt
9 - Chimpanzee quick mix shake with honey, cereals and cococa
10 - Kotex ladies' pads and a Ria slips sample. It's not in the photo, but if you really wanted to see it, have a look here.

To sum up my impressions: 234UZFSDGJWOEFWKRG!
So excited. I'm not sure how good or bad all of the beauty products will work, but the only 1 thing I didn't like when I first opened the box was the shower gel - because I hate the smell of coffee. At second check, the mascara brush looks a bit weird, but maybe it will be ok? Who knows. I can imagine some people won't be this delighted, but I am a really happy girl who got a box full of cool produtcs. And it was a bargain.

Tuesday, January 20

Hockey in Kenya

When I talk to people and we stumble across the stereotypical ''ice-hockey is only played in cold places'' opinion, I usually have to stop and explain how it is. Yes, ice-hockey is also played in countries  like France, Spain, Mexico, India... or Kenya. Need a proof? Watch this:

I love the passion that shines out of the video. You can't fake it. It's not only a hockey thing, but you can clearly say whether a person is passionate or not. These guys have so little and they get so much out of it. It's all about you attitude. Yes, it's an expensive sport, the cost of it is a worldwide problem, but you don't need the best equipment in the universe to play for fun. A pair of skates to lace up, a stick  to grab and a puck to drop. And a heart that beats for the game. Nothing else.

Tuesday, January 6

Fury (2014)

At the begining of December, my friend and I went to cinema to see Fury. I'm a fan of history and I have seen countless amount of war movies and documentaries and I really wanted to see this film. To be honest, sitting in the cinema seat, after first couple of minutes I quickly turned to ''I'm not sure if I want to see this''... but after I figured out it was war at it's rawest form, my mind switched to ''this is fucking awesome'' (it's my blog I can swear if I want to) and I was enjoying every minute of it.

 ,,I had the best Assistant Driver in the entire Ninth Army in that seat. Now I got you. I promised my crew a long time ago I'd keep them alive. You're getting in the way of that. It ain't like the newsreels up front.'' is one of the first lines in the film. A tank crew gets a new boy and they're going straight to the front. The problem is that the boy is not a fan of the war. However, he learns how things work real quick. 

It's not a movie for everyone, but you're gonna enjoy it if you like: 
x dead people 
x watching people killing other people 
x Star Wars
... because there really isn't much more. Except a love story twist and eventually a happy ending. As I said, it was hard to swallow at first, but I ended up loving it. Wouldn't necessarily want to see it again, but it's a great film. Minus the 'reality' factor missing at some scenes. I read a review of one guy counting down how many shots Brad Pitt actually survived in the movie and couldn't help but laugh.

 ,,Best job I've ever had.'' 

My rating: 9/10

PS: No, I'm not even a Brad Pitt fan, but that may work when you're trying to watch this with female company.