Monday, September 15

Let bygones be bygones

Next Monday at this time I'll be sitting at school, listening to a lecture. Back to the routine of school-hockey games-little sleep. And honestly, I couldn't be more excited about it.

This summer was everything I didn't want it to be. I couldn't possibly think of one thing that went right or the way I wanted it to go. I literally wasted almost 5 months of my life and that crazy number really made me stop and think. I'm holding onto the past more than I should. I keep believing that things may change and people may change. And they never do. Neither of them.

I need to learn how to let go. I need to stick to what makes me happy.
Life's too short to hold the door open for those who walk too slow.

There's a lot to say, but all I'm going to state is that I'm sadder, but wiser. 

Monday, August 18

Top 5 places you shouldn't miss while visiting Baltic Europe

When people talk about (or plan) traveling across Europe, Baltic Europe is usually missed out -  while it's a perfect place for road trips, discovering new cultures, it doesn't get super hot in summer and what also counts - these places are relatively cheap. I've picked up 5 places you shouldn't miss while visitng the magical three of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Three is a charm, so don't be suprised when Baltic Europe steals your heart like it stole mine!

1. Vilnius

If you visited Prague and loved it, Vilinius will for sure suffer a huge déja vu. Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is a historical city that really resembles Prague, especially when you climb up the Hill of Three Crosses (in the photo) and look over the city. Make sure not to miss the Cathedral square, because the Vilnius Cathedral is a bomb.

2. Trakai

Trakai, located about 30 km away from Vilinus, is a little historical town with about 5 thousand residents, but it offers a couple of places you can't miss. On the top of the list is Trakai Island Castle (in the photo), a 14th century castle located on an island of lake Galvé. Not only the castle itself is a romantic place, but you can also look sit down in one of the restaurants along the lake, or enjoy the colourful architecture of local wooden houses.

3. Kaunas

As a sports fan, I sure as hell heard of Kaunas because of their basketball tradition, but it's obviously not everything this city can offer. Kaunas is famous for devils, there is even a Devil Museum. The city centre is also filled with beautiful historical buldings, little shops and restaurants. The blding in the photo above is the Town Hall, or Rotuše, as you call it in Lithuanian. Not only that's the reason why Kaunas is known as the cultural centre of Lithuania. Oh, and I completely lost it for this city when I  randomly bumped into an ice rink in the Akropolis shopping centre. 

4. Riga

Riga is another beautiful historical city and the capital of Latvia with an Old Town filled with sights, masterpieces of Art Nouveau (one third of Riga is built in this attractive style), impressive churches, narrow streets, old houses and Hanseatic area artefacts. Riga is also a popular gourmet tourism destination, you enjoy a meal in an authentic medieval restaurant in the heart of Old Riga. As a history-freak, I  definitely recommend visiting The Occupation Museum, only a couple of steps away from The House of Blackheads (detail in the photo).

5. Tallinn

Tallinn is in my opinion the perfect mixture of the old and the new. While being a busy port only about 2 hour ferry ride away from Helsinki, Estonia is like Finland's younger brother. Not only their languages look similiar, but it's also a country with a completely different atmosphere than the other 2 Baltic countries. If you climb up to the top of St. Nicolas's Church, you will get a view you won't regret. Even the American president has picked it as a destination to visit! (Ok, that's silly.) is hosting a competition over at - Top Destinations to Go There, so make sure to visit, check other posts and join, if you want to! 

Sunday, August 10

Jillian Michaels' One week shred review + results


I was scared to try this DVD, because all the reviews I read said that it was for advanced or upper intermediate... I have to admit a beginner would probably start screaming and run away. However, I did not. And except for one time I didn't even want to.

First of all, I should probably mention that I have tried probably every single DVD Jillian ever released. I have completed some of her programs (30 day shred, Ripped in 30, Body revolution) more than once and I would definitely not consider myself a beginner, even throught I have to admit I still have major problems with some basic moves (for example, I won't do more than 5 regular push-ups even if my life depended on it) and  so yes, I had to modify some moves.


The strength workout is not as hard as you would expect. I was only using 1kg weights and had to modify a few moves, but overall, I wouldn't call it as THAT HARD. I think the hard part of it is that you work different body parts at the same time for most of the time. The workout is mostly focused on core and upper body I'd say and after the first day I was really like ''there are no leg exercises'' ... little did I know how much would my calves hurt on the next day. I blame the reverse plank, because the couple of calf raises definitely couldn't cause that much pain.

You get a nice warm up and a short cool down. The workout alone is devided into 4 circuit, each of them you repeat twice. First circuit is focused on arms, second is legs, third mostly upper body/back and the last one is all core.

The cardio workout suprised me in the way that you get zero rest between the moves (only a little between the 3 circuits this workout is made of). When I was doing the workout for the first time, I was dying halfway throught the first circuit, questioning my physical condition, asking myself why am I struggling so hard during such basic and easy moves. It's a brutal mix. It really is.

The cool thing about cardio is that you can do everything at you own pace. Second and third circuit weren't that difficult for me. Except for... single arm burpees, but who doesn't have to modify them?!


I think the biggest commitment you have to make is finding time to workout 2 times a day. I personally struggled with working out in the morning, so I was usually leaving the am workout until post-lunch... and when I managed to do the first workout before lunch, I typically completed the cardio workout after lunch, because I wanted to have everything completed for the day.

Side-effects: I was EXTREMELY sleepy after the strenght workout, I even fell asleep a couple of times. It's obviously supported by the fact that I had nothing better to do than lie down for a nap, but sometimes I was feeling really tired.

By the way, I took a rest day after 5 days, because my back was hurting really bad (not from this workout) and my calves also needed a rest. I skipped a day, then completed the workout 2 more times to get 7x2 workouts in 8 days. That would be my advice. If you need a rest day, take a rest day. Even if you're trying to crush a one week goal and don't have any extra time. It's better to skip one workout than spend a week injured.

I have to admit I didn't change my eating habits at all. Chocolate bars, ice-cream and other super-sugary  and unhealthy foods were on the table every day. I didn't say no to anything any crap I'd usually eat... and I have to admit I had a couple of meltdowns because I knew I was not getting the results I could get. Anyway, my body has still changed a tiny little bit.

In numbers it's 2 cm (0.79 inches) off calf, 5 cm (1.97 inches) off the love handles and 4 cm (1.57 inches) off stomach. My thigh is still the same (boo) and I feel like my arms (shoulders) are bigger (I didn't measure them when starting)... I have to admit I'm feeling a lot bigger fatter then a week ago, but according to the measuring tape, it's all in my head.

I used this as a little push to get myself back on the track after almost 3 weeks of being lazy and I'm really happy for completing this, the diet thing is another thing I need to work on. Maybe one day I will come back to this and try the meal plan Jillian offers for this. 

If you have any question about this workout or any other of Jillian's workout, feel free to leave a comment... I will try my best to help you!

Wednesday, August 6

July 2014 in a nutshell

July was definitely one of the months that seem endless in the beginning and then fly by in a blink of an eye. I was expecting a month full of waiting that would never end, but hey, it's already August 6th and I haven't even noticed. 

In July:

  • I started learning Finnish and.. okay, I'm nowehere far, but definitely getting somewhere. 
  • I completely screw up my workout routine. I'm back to it now, so I'm not feeling so guilty, but if I was writing this last day of July, I'd be probably super harsh to myself.
  • I was trying to watch something new instead of re-watching Survivor all the time, but there's no chance guys.
  • And I also ''worked'' for the last week of July and it was HELL on the first day, but I was lucky enough to somehow enjoy the last 3 days, so majority was ok. 

Tuesday, July 15

Catrice haul (drugstore make-up)

Sometimes I find it super funny to watch hauls of bloggers and youtubers, because an ordinary beauty guru usually buys more stuff in one haul than I've got in my entire make-up collection. I'm not really a fancy make-up kinda girl, I usually only use the magical four of make-up/mascara/concealer/ lipstick and I'm ready to leave. My drugstore visits usually end up by me purchasing only a couple of nail polishes.

However, last week I went for a little shopping spree, because I was feeling pretty awful and I thought that would make me feel better.. to be honest, I was feeling even more shitty afterwards, because I didn't find what I wanted yet bought quite a lot of stuff (AND spent a lot of money).

I stoppped by a drugstore to pick something nice (I probably had a vision, but I can't remember it) and I left with four items from Catrice. Buying 4 items that are not nail polishes for me is like buying a car for other people. That just doesn't happen often at all. And the fact that they are all by the same brand makes it even more unbelievable.

Anyway, let me show you what I picked.
A powder brush. It's that one item I'd probably consider spending more money on, but I feel like brushes only come in crazy sets (or are more expensive than I'd wish).
Eye brown pencil. Shade 02 Date with Ash-ton. The names of Catrice products are a different story, but I picked this eyebrown pencil because I felt like the lighter shade was too yellow (?) and not really the colour that would fit my brows. This one a little bit too dark, so I need to blend it for a more natural look.
Absolute bright eyeshadow palette. I had this idea of buying myself an everyday-use eye shadow palette, which I'd use... but I don't think that's happening. So far I can't say anything good about the palette, I feel like shimmer is all I can get out of it, no matter if I use my finger or a brush, but I hope it's gonna change after I get past the top layer. Pigmentation level transparent.
Coverstick. Shade 020 Natural beige. Concealers are that one thing I've got always with me no matter what, I usually use like 5 at once to have one for my room, bathroom and every bag I ever wear. This particular one I haven't had before. Not sure why, but I picked this shade which is quite light, so I'll probably have to wait until winter to be able to use it.

So that's my ''baby'' haul. Have you tried any of these products? What do you think about Catrice products?

Sunday, July 13

How Japanese boys scared me so much I started to learn Finnish

I've recently started to learn Finnish. Long story short, I just want to know more than 3 words* in that language and I find it really cool, because it's so much different than all the other languages I already know. 

*If you wanna know what the magical three is,  it's moi, kiitos and paska.

Long story long, it's obviously a hockey-related story, because everything in my life is hockey related. Not only that during the inline hockey world championship I realised that I don't understand people no matter what language they're speaking to me (funny enough I was better in German than English at some points), but I also got a flashback from three years ago when my mind had spent a good couple of hours thinking about other nationalities and how it's super frustrating to speak to people who are native speakers of language you don't speak. Hungarians at that time. Is it just me or is it super weird when you can't think in the same language? When you can't put your mind on the same trail? When you can't say anything rude to the other person in their language?

This June, I had super hard times passing the Japanese players. Believe it or not, but they had a different vibe around them. And since they're a completely different nation with a completely different nature, it was super awkward at times. Should I smile? Should I act like I don't see them? Should I turn around and run away? Do they speak English? They were so reserved from everybody. Not like other teams that were saying hi, holding doors and always up for a little talk. 

This whole experience forced me to educate myself. I knew I had to learn a new language, but I wasn't sure which one and with 16 teams on the list, there were quite a few to choose from... sure, the Japanese would be an obvious choice, but I was not that determined... and then I got completely mind-blown by a Finnish player speaking Czech and that was the moment I knew I had to sit down with a Learn-Finnish textbook. 

It's not an easy deal, but you can never speak too many languages. Plus I've got almost 3 more spare months ahead of me. So far I can say that Finnish is very interesting... and suprising.

I've thought nothing could picture this post better than Japanese people in sauna?
 I just couldn't find any better photo.

Friday, July 11

Fit Friday: My favourite NTC+ app workout

Yesterday I reached 4 000 minutes milestone on the NTC+ app and I have to laugh when I think back to my 2014 goals - one of them was reaching one thousand minutes. *ha ha ha*

For Fit Friday this week I'd like to introduce you one of my most favourite workouts from this mobile application. It's called Gym sculpt and is an exclusive celebrity workout presented by a football* player Sydney Leroux. The workout is 15 minutes long, made of 3 circuits of 5 one minute-long exercises.

The 5 moves are
  • upright row squat with dumbbells
  • modified push up to ab tap
  • squat to cross jab with dumbells
  • extended flutter kicks with medicine ball
  • bottoms up shoulder press with kettlebell
Yes, less or more, you get about 6 minutes of squats, you get a cool upper body workout as well and you use your abs too, which makes Gym sculpt a proper full-body workout. I have to admit I modify the flutter kicks and only do regular ones, not the extended ones where you hold medicine ball, but they're still the hardest part of the workout!  I think it's okay to modify as long as you keep going. I also use a dumbell instead of a kettlebell, but even in the demonstration, Sydney is using a dumbell too, so that should be fine.

I'm not sure how many times have I completed this workout (yes, I could count it by the app and my notes, but am I too lazy to do it? Of course I am), but it's definitely the workout I do when I don't have enough time to do any longer workout or when I want to add up a little bit more to my daily routine. Or when I need to get some extra workout minutes to reach a new minute milestone of NTC+.

If you don't have the app and still want to try this workout, it's also avaible on Youtube as a follow-by. According to the app, this workout burns approximately 46 calories.

* I hate that s-word and refuse to use it

Wednesday, July 9

TV show: Chasing life

To change things up a little bit while re-watching all the Survivor series, I've recently started watching a few TV shows. They've got one thing in common - they all come from the ABC Family kitchen. Today I'd like to talk about the one I love the most at the moment.

The show is called Chasing life and follows the journey of an aspiring journalist, April, who is soon after the start diagnosed with leucemia. April is trying to take it cool, but she quickly realises your health is not something you wanna mess up with... there are also some boyfriend-issues (because every young lady puts up with such stuff) and family-related twists and problems (because.. you know)... the plot takes place in Boston and to be honest, I personally fell in love with the show at the very start when she's going to a sportsmen's charity event. 

Fifth episode of the show is airing today and if you're not watching this show yet, you really should catch up! The first episode is avaible on Youtube (not sure whether only for the US or worldwide), or you can act a little off-law and find it the episodes somewhere on the internet. ;)