Friday, July 18

Google knows the best (sorry, momma)

I think this random Google search is too random and epic not to be shared. It had all started when I decided to write down a post about my ''internet life'' - my experience, my blogs, social media etc. In my mind, I quickly traveled back to 2006 when I became an internet user... and I realised one of the first websites I ever created was a plain page with an article about World Cup semifinals. 

Eight year later, I could remember putting a photo of Zidane and a German player number 13 on the website. Yes, I suffer with this thing where I tend to remember the smallest details. I totally forgot who that German player was, but I figured out I could Google it, because Google knows everything.

2002 photo of the two.
No idea on which occasion did Real play Leverkusen, but it was probably cold.

Step 1: googled 'Germany number 13' - got photos of Müller, no idea how old is he now, but did anybody hear about Müller in 2006? It was definitely not him. Maybe the number was 11 instead of 13?
Step 2: googled 'Germany number 11' - literally nothing came up. Time to take it the other way around.
Step 3: googled 'Zidane 2006' - a lot of photos of Zidane from that World Cup. A lot of photos.
Step 4: googled 'Zidane 2006 semifinal' - oh, so France was actually playing Portugal? That's cool, but I'm looking for a German player.
Step 5: googled 'Germany 2006 semifinal' - first minor victory. There's a guy wearing number 13.

I started thinking. And somehow, the name started to pop up... ''ugh, I'm sure his names starts with the letter B...''
Step 6: googled 'Germany Beckenbauer' because this big name came up to mind first. Wrong.
Step 7: googled 'Germany Michael Ballack' and saw a lot of photos of a guy wearing German national jersey number 13. Jackpot.

I was feeling proud. Not really a big leap for the humankind, not even a big leap for myself, but definitely a great feeling of accomplishment.The little things make life great, really. I was so happy for completing the googling mission. And to be honest, also a little big scared of my mind at the same time. 

Tuesday, July 15

Catrice haul (drugstore make-up)

Sometimes I find it super funny to watch hauls of bloggers and youtubers, because an ordinary beauty guru usually buys more stuff in one haul than I've got in my entire make-up collection. I'm not really a fancy make-up kinda girl, I usually only use the magical four of make-up/mascara/concealer/ lipstick and I'm ready to leave. My drugstore visits usually end up by me purchasing only a couple of nail polishes.

However, last week I went for a little shopping spree, because I was feeling pretty awful and I thought that would make me feel better.. to be honest, I was feeling even more shitty afterwards, because I didn't find what I wanted yet bought quite a lot of stuff (AND spent a lot of money).

I stoppped by a drugstore to pick something nice (I probably had a vision, but I can't remember it) and I left with four items from Catrice. Buying 4 items that are not nail polishes for me is like buying a car for other people. That just doesn't happen often at all. And the fact that they are all by the same brand makes it even more unbelievable.

Anyway, let me show you what I picked.
A powder brush. It's that one item I'd probably consider spending more money on, but I feel like brushes only come in crazy sets (or are more expensive than I'd wish).
Eye brown pencil. Shade 02 Date with Ash-ton. The names of Catrice products are a different story, but I picked this eyebrown pencil because I felt like the lighter shade was too yellow (?) and not really the colour that would fit my brows. This one a little bit too dark, so I need to blend it for a more natural look.
Absolute bright eyeshadow palette. I had this idea of buying myself an everyday-use eye shadow palette, which I'd use... but I don't think that's happening. So far I can't say anything good about the palette, I feel like shimmer is all I can get out of it, no matter if I use my finger or a brush, but I hope it's gonna change after I get past the top layer. Pigmentation level transparent.
Coverstick. Shade 020 Natural beige. Concealers are that one thing I've got always with me no matter what, I usually use like 5 at once to have one for my room, bathroom and every bag I ever wear. This particular one I haven't had before. Not sure why, but I picked this shade which is quite light, so I'll probably have to wait until winter to be able to use it.

So that's my ''baby'' haul. Have you tried any of these products? What do you think about Catrice products?

Sunday, July 13

How Japanese boys scared me so much I started to learn Finnish

I've recently started to learn Finnish. Long story short, I just want to know more than 3 words* in that language and I find it really cool, because it's so much different than all the other languages I already know. 

*If you wanna know what the magical three is,  it's moi, kiitos and paska.

Long story long, it's obviously a hockey-related story, because everything in my life is hockey related. Not only that during the inline hockey world championship I realised that I don't understand people no matter what language they're speaking to me (funny enough I was better in German than English at some points), but I also got a flashback from three years ago when my mind had spent a good couple of hours thinking about other nationalities and how it's super frustrating to speak to people who are native speakers of language you don't speak. Hungarians at that time. Is it just me or is it super weird when you can't think in the same language? When you can't put your mind on the same trail? When you can't say anything rude to the other person in their language?

This June, I had super hard times passing the Japanese players. Believe it or not, but they had a different vibe around them. And since they're a completely different nation with a completely different nature, it was super awkward at times. Should I smile? Should I act like I don't see them? Should I turn around and run away? Do they speak English? They were so reserved from everybody. Not like other teams that were saying hi, holding doors and always up for a little talk. 

This whole experience forced me to educate myself. I knew I had to learn a new language, but I wasn't sure which one and with 16 teams on the list, there were quite a few to choose from... sure, the Japanese would be an obvious choice, but I was not that determined... and then I got completely mind-blown by a Finnish player speaking Czech and that was the moment I knew I had to sit down with a Learn-Finnish textbook. 

It's not an easy deal, but you can never speak too many languages. Plus I've got almost 3 more spare months ahead of me. So far I can say that Finnish is very interesting... and suprising.

I've thought nothing could picture this post better than Japanese people in sauna?
 I just couldn't find any better photo.

Friday, July 11

Fit Friday: My favourite NTC+ app workout

Yesterday I reached 4 000 minutes milestone on the NTC+ app and I have to laugh when I think back to my 2014 goals - one of them was reaching one thousand minutes. *ha ha ha*

For Fit Friday this week I'd like to introduce you one of my most favourite workouts from this mobile application. It's called Gym sculpt and is an exclusive celebrity workout presented by a football* player Sydney Leroux. The workout is 15 minutes long, made of 3 circuits of 5 one minute-long exercises.

The 5 moves are
  • upright row squat with dumbbells
  • modified push up to ab tap
  • squat to cross jab with dumbells
  • extended flutter kicks with medicine ball
  • bottoms up shoulder press with kettlebell
Yes, less or more, you get about 6 minutes of squats, you get a cool upper body workout as well and you use your abs too, which makes Gym sculpt a proper full-body workout. I have to admit I modify the flutter kicks and only do regular ones, not the extended ones where you hold medicine ball, but they're still the hardest part of the workout!  I think it's okay to modify as long as you keep going. I also use a dumbell instead of a kettlebell, but even in the demonstration, Sydney is using a dumbell too, so that should be fine.

I'm not sure how many times have I completed this workout (yes, I could count it by the app and my notes, but am I too lazy to do it? Of course I am), but it's definitely the workout I do when I don't have enough time to do any longer workout or when I want to add up a little bit more to my daily routine. Or when I need to get some extra workout minutes to reach a new minute milestone of NTC+.

If you don't have the app and still want to try this workout, it's also avaible on Youtube as a follow-by. According to the app, this workout burns approximately 46 calories.

* I hate that s-word and refuse to use it

Wednesday, July 9

TV show: Chasing life

To change things up a little bit while re-watching all the Survivor series, I've recently started watching a few TV shows. They've got one thing in common - they all come from the ABC Family kitchen. Today I'd like to talk about the one I love the most at the moment.

The show is called Chasing life and follows the journey of an aspiring journalist, April, who is soon after the start diagnosed with leucemia. April is trying to take it cool, but she quickly realises your health is not something you wanna mess up with... there are also some boyfriend-issues (because every young lady puts up with such stuff) and family-related twists and problems (because.. you know)... the plot takes place in Boston and to be honest, I personally fell in love with the show at the very start when she's going to a sportsmen's charity event. 

Fifth episode of the show is airing today and if you're not watching this show yet, you really should catch up! The first episode is avaible on Youtube (not sure whether only for the US or worldwide), or you can act a little off-law and find it the episodes somewhere on the internet. ;) 

Monday, June 30

June 2014 in a nutshell

It's crazy how this year is halfway over, isn't it?

June was a fun month, including inline hockey overdose, befriending the refs, speaking English everyday, taking mint leaves out of a mojito glass, wandering around my hometown, working out a lot of more than my body wanted followed by a crazy burnout, tourguiding in Prague... and school-wise, it was a complete disaster. Overall, it was not a bad month and definitely my favourite month of 2014 so far, even throught a couple of things didn't turn out exactly as I wanted.

Sunday, June 22

Middle ages wisdom.

Friday, June 20

Blog vision

I feel like I stopped blogging two years ago before my road trip across north-eastern Europe and since then I have been trying, but never been able to get back on the track.

Or, back to the post editor.

It's not that I'm off the blogosphere. I keep reading blogs and I keep thinking about this blog all the time (or at least a lot considering that I post like once in two months). I only don't have the will to go and post. Now I'd really (like, REALLY) would like to change it. I've got 4 spare months in front of me.... but that's a different story and there will probably be a whining 'I want to explore the world, not sit at home' post soon enough.

Anyway, I'd like to state what I want my blog to be like. First off all, I will probably write down some posts about the destinations I visited during the roadtrip two years ago. Accomodation reviews (I think they could be useful, because you never know what you're getting yourself into by looking at an official website), some photos from the places I liked and so on. I have already posted about a couple of destinations, those posts will be re-published and linked.

Second, I'd like to keep this blog as a personal blog (''diary'' posts, monthly reviews), but I'd also like to post about beauty stuff (favourite products, used up products), because for most of the time I use really cheap stuff and sometimes cheap doesn't mean crap and it could help those who are on a budget. Of course, I would like to continue riding on the 'Fit Friday' wave, where I will be posting health/fitness/wellness tips and for example my workout routines. 

Plus I'd like to to post book and movie reviews, so I can give you all some suggestions what to read and watch, but I need to start reading again and stop only watching Survivor first. Oh, and inspirational quotes from time to time, because we all need motivation.

Thanks for following me!