Thursday, August 13

WCW: Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir

I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to sometimes sit down and share some of the women who inspire me. They will mostly be my fitness idols, but I can't promise not to mention JKR one day. #nerdlife

First of these woman crush Wednesdays goes to Katrin Davidsdottir...
Katrin caught my eye a couple of years back, when she was a rookie at the Crossfit Games. Her walking handstand skills have amazed me. It's not a big suprise after you find out about her gymnastics background (which I preach because gymnastics and athletics are the foundation of every sport), but it's still very impressive. 

She has recently won the 2015 Crossfit Games and claimed the title of ''The Fittest Woman on Earth''. (Not that I'm a fan of that title, it's quite silly.)

What I love about her is that Katrin's almost my height and that makes her body my ''goal''. She's got some serious muscle, but her body looks achievable and sustainable without any terrible diets. And when she dresses up, she looks absolutely stunning. 

You can find Katrin on Instagram at @katrintanja

Monday, August 10

Back on the track.

Let's be honest for a while. I like Mondays. Yes, you read it right. I like Mondays. I love fresh beginnings, empty journal pages. Most people would probably agree the first day of a new year is something special. Some people would agree the first day of a new month is something special. And I'm here, trying to convince you that - after all - Mondays are actually not that bad.

Mondays (as a version of my ''tomorrow'') were made to fix awful eating habits, get back to the gym (how many times have you heard to never skip a Monday?), to create a schledule in life (aka to get shit together) and (now I'm talking to the girl typing these words) to start being an active blogger again. I want to track not only my fitness journey, but most importantly, my life. I really feel like I'm missing out on something when I don't write down the memories. Looking back at my 2009/2010 blog posts made me do this. I'm back.

PS: The blog archives are empty right now, but I'll for sure be re-publishing some of my old posts. 

Tuesday, April 7

Documentary: Of Miracles and Men

Let's face the truth, I quote Herb Brooks and the movie Miracle way too much. However, that (even though it's bit weird) doesn't make me love the good 'ol Soviet hockey any less. Hands down, Tretiak and Myshkin are the best goalie pair of all times and boys like Fetisov or Kharlamov are hockey players who made history and nobody could take it away from them. Ever.

When somebody posted a link to ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary called 'Of Miracles and Men', I didn't hesitate to click the link. And after that, I didn't really care about the world for the next 103 minutes. 

The first part of the documentary shows the (not really all flashy) beginnings of players, along with the story of Anatoli Tarasov, one of the most important Russian coaches during the Soviet area. Then it moves on onto the first Canada-USSR games and - obviously - the Lake Placid Olympics in 1980.

Viasechslav Fetisov (I love how they only call him familiarly 'Slava') is re-visiting the Olympic arena with his daughter and I won't even try to hide that I had shed a tear (or two) during that part.  Then you get an inside look to the USA-USSR game with original commentary and footage.

Last part of the documentary is focused on Fetisov trying to play in the NHL... with all the struggles and obstacles because back in 1980s it was nothing but politics... and (because even sports documentaries need happy endings) it all ends as Slava hoists the Cup on the Red Square.

PS: Is Garry Bettman immortal? I guess so.

My rating: 10/10

Wednesday, May 28

The story behind my blog's name

I've wanted my blog name to briefly describe myself, so everybody knows who I am without reading a word from my posts and get a hint of want to expect at the same time. 

'Heels' stands for my girly self. Even thought I'm not a girly-girl at all, I enjoy all the little pros and cons of being a girl. I love to wear high heels and I never leave the house without my nails painted. I also think the 'fitness/health' part of my blog belong to this category because to look good and feel good is mostly a women's bussiness.

'Hockey' is... well, even if I never went to a hockey game ever again for the rest of my life, there would still be a bunch of years that I spend watching hockey games, talking about games or being excited about games. That's just a part of my life that can't be erased. Not to mention that I plan my life around the hockey season schledule.

'History' was my favourite subject back at school and a topic that I'm really interested in. I used to read books about historical events, I watch historical documentaries, especially about WWII and from history, I also love the period of 18th century in Russia. 'History' in the name of this blog also represents the fact that I blog about my everyday life and every single step doesn't only affect my future, but also creates the past.

And I love the fact all three start with an H.